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Federal and cantonal popular votes – everything in one app

20.03.2019 – FDFA

The Confederation and the cantons have launched VoteInfo – a new app that provides you with official explanatory information on federal and cantonal popular votes and allows you to keep track of results via smartphone. The popular vote of 10 February 2019 marked the app’s debut.

Supplementing the voting papers that are sent to all eligible voters as well as the information that is available on federal government and cantonal websites, the new app now means that you can consult all the official explanatory information on the forthcoming issues for several weeks before each popular vote – all from a single source. The app also contains details of previous votes.

Results available from noon

But that’s not all. On voting Sundays, VoteInfo will begin publishing all the results of federal and cantonal popular votes from 12 p.m. onwards (Swiss time) for every commune and canton as well as for the whole of Switzerland.

Automatic notifications

VoteInfo offers another advantage in that you can set up push notifications to appear automatically whenever the app has new content, e.g. when new explanatory information or videos are published, or when the final results are announced on voting Sunday.

The new app not only contains explanatory information and results, but it can also be adapted to your preferences. For example, it allows you to bookmark content that is specific to your own canton.

Available in four languages

The Federal Chancellery developed the VoteInfo app in partnership with the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) and Canton Zurich. The latter had previously launched its own dedicated “Züri stimmt” app, the contents of which have now been integrated into VoteInfo. Available in Switzerland’s four official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh), the app works on iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store or via Google Play free of charge.

Further improvements

The federal authorities and the cantons intend to continue developing VoteInfo. For example, one future objective is to include information on communal votes.