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Family album

14.01.2015 – Barbara Engel

Guy Krneta is a gifted wordsmith and a keen observer. “Unger üs” (Between Ourselves) is the title of a small book written in Bernese dialect in which he recounts stories from his family.

In 80 episodes, which include anecdotes, myths, personal experiences, his grandfather’s teachings and his uncle’s pipe dreams, he depicts a portrait of the family. He also provides readers with an insight into life in prison, where he spent several months for refusing to perform military service. Here he comes into contact with shady characters and falls in love upon his release. He tells of family gatherings where cracks suddenly appear in the idyll and sensitivities and incomprehension become evident.

Guy Krneta, who was born in Berne in 1964 and today lives in Basel, belongs to a group of artists called “Bern ist überall” (Berne is Everywhere). He frequently comments on political issues and is actively involved in cultural policy matters. He is a co-initiator of the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel and a co-founder of the “Kunst+Politik” (Art+Politics) network

Guy Krneta: “Unger üs. Familienalbum”; Edition Spoken script / Der gesunde Menschenversand Lucerne, 2014; 168 pages; CHF 23, EUR 18.50., > AutorInnen