• Notes from the Federal Palace

Elections et votations



The following four proposals will be put to the vote on 28 February 2016:

  • Popular initiative of 5 November 2012 “Für Ehe und Familie - gegen die Heiratsstrafe” (For marriage and family - against the marriage penalty)
  • Popular initiative of 28 December 2012 “Zur Durchsetzung der Ausschaffung krimineller Ausländer (Durchsetzungsinitiative)” (For the enforcement of the expulsion of foreign criminals - (enforcement initiative))
  • Popular initiative of 24 March 2014 “Keine Spekulation mit Nahrungsmitteln!” (No speculation with foodstuffs)
  • Amendment of 26 September 2014 to the Federal Act on Transit Road Traffic in the Alpine Region (TRTA) - renovation of the Gotthard road tunnel

Further voting dates in 2016:

5 June, 25 September and 27 November

Popular initiatives

The following new federal popular initiative had been launched at the time of going to press (deadline for the collection of signatures in brackets):

  • Initiative for “Mehr bezahlbare Wohnungen” (More affordable homes) - (01/03/2017)

The list of pending popular initiatives can be found here