• Notes from the Federal Palace

Elections et votations


Federal referenda

Four proposals will be put to the vote on 14 June 2015:

  • Federal decree of 12 December 2014 on the amendment to the constitutional provision on reproductive medicine and genetic engineering involving human beings
  • Popular initiative of 20 January 2012 “Stipendieninitiative” (Grants initiative)
  • Popular initiative of 15 February 2013 “Millionen-Erbschaften besteuern für unsere AHV (Erbschaftssteuerreform)” (Tax million-franc inheritances for our old-age and survivors’ insurance (AHV) – (inheritance tax reform)
  • Amendment of 26 September 2014 to the Federal Act on Radio and Television.

All information on the proposals (voting pamphlets, committees, recommendations of Parliament and the Federal Council, and electronic voting, etc.) can be found at

You will find facts, instructions, useful information and additional links concerning the federal elections on 18 October 2015 at – a joint website provided by the Federal Chancellery, Parliamentary Services, the Federal Statistical Office and

Popular initiatives

The following new federal popular initiatives had been launched at the time of going to press (deadline for the collection of signatures in brackets):

  • “Zur Förderung der Velo-, Fuss- und Wanderwege (Velo-Initiative)” – (Promoting cycling, foot and hiking paths (cycling initiative)) – (03.09.2016)
  • “Schweizer Recht statt fremde Richter (Selbstbestimmungsinitiative)” – (Swiss law instead of foreign judges (self-determination initiative)) (10.09.2016)

The list of pending popular initiatives can be found at > Aktuell > Wahlen und Abstimmungen > Hängige Volksinitiativen.