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Counterfeit notes, expensive chocolate, melting glaciers

23.01.2020 – Marc Lettau


82 counterfeit 1,000-franc notes were confiscated in Switzerland in 2018 – which is an unprecedentedly low number. A total of 17,654 were recalled in 2000. The Federal Office of Police says that the high quality of Swiss notes discourages forgers, but they are now bringing more forged 5-franc coins into circulation.


An 80-gram bar of the world’s most expensive chocolate costs 640 Swiss francs. It was created by the Zurich manufacturer Attimo Chocolate. It is made from rare Grand Cru cocoa, saffron from the village of Mund (VS) and crystals extracted from fresh oranges. Only 50 bars of this expensive product have been produced.


This statistic has nothing to do with chocolate, but rather with the digital trend: 85 out of every 100 Swiss children do not get enough exercise. According to the World Health Organisation WHO, they exercise for less than an hour per day. As a result, the inactivity rate of 11-to-17-year-olds in Switzerland has increased further.


It almost slips our minds during winter: Swiss glaciers have shrunk by 10 per cent over the last five years. According to Swiss glaciologists, the glaciers are melting at a faster rate. The Pizol glacier (SG) has disappeared entirely and was symbolically buried by alpinists on 22 September 2019.


If you have read up to here, you are clearly interested in facts and news. However, according to studies conducted by the University of Zurich, the number of people who do not worry about the news or actively avoid it is growing. In the case of under-30-year-olds, around 56 per cent are now described as “news-deprived”.

Picture: A mountaineer plays accordion on the Wildsee with a view of the Pizol glacier (SG), or with a view of the location still was until a short time before. Photo: Keystone