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Can I make retroactive OASI payments after returning to Switzerland?

16.09.2020 – OSA’s Legal Service

“I have been living in Japan over the last few years and have not made any payments into the old-age and survivors’ insurance scheme (OASI) during this time. Is it possible to make retroactive payments for these missing years once I return to Switzerland?”

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot make retroactive payments for the years you missed while you were abroad. You have the option of making retroactive payments dating back up to five years, but only if you were subject to OASI contributions (i.e. essentially domiciled in Switzerland) during that period.

Barring certain exceptions, people living abroad are not subject to OASI contributions and therefore cannot make retroactive payments for the years that they miss. We therefore recommend that you contact your cantonal compensation office for further details before leaving Switzerland. It is also worth making prior arrangements to accrue pension assets – either by taking out voluntary OASI with the Swiss Compensation Office in Geneva (see > Swiss Compensation Office SCO) or by taking out private insurance.

This information does not apply to people who return to Switzerland after being domiciled in an EU/EFTA country. Anyone living in the EU/EFTA will have been covered by social security in their host country and therefore cannot make any retroactive OASI payments.

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