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Bambi – caught between life and death


30, 000

Speaking of drones, they were the only means able to capture the unbelievable scale of the BuLa 2022 federal camp, the largest Swiss Scout camp of all time. The tent city, where 30,000 scouts enjoyed hot summer days, stretched almost four kilometres across the valley floor in Goms (VS). –


Fawns sheltering in long grass do not run off when a farmer approaches with a mowing machine, meaning they are often killed – literally cut to pieces by the machine. Happily, help is now at hand from the air. The Rehkitzrettung fawn rescue organisation scours tens of thousands of hectares of meadowland with drones before mowing begins. This enabled 3,000 fawns to be located and saved this year alone. Perhaps this will change our view of drones?


While the country is talking about reducing water and energy usage, the young people at the federal scout camp actually put it into practice. The sweaty scouts were able to shower for a maximum of three minutes per week. The strict showering schedule involved one minute of water to wet yourself, two minutes without water to soap up, then two minutes of water to rinse off. And cold water only, of course.


At around the same time there was an explosion – not at the federal camp but in sales of small electric heaters in Switzerland. Galaxus, the largest Swiss online shop, sold 470 per cent more space heaters in July than in the same month last year. Buyers are responding to the fear that this coming winter may see a shortage of gas for heating.


All of the figures quoted here are verified and correct. It’s important to note this, because there are also many in Switzerland who would agree with the statement: “The media lie and politicians manipulate us”. According to a new survey, 27 out of 100 Swiss share this view and are considered conspiracy theorists. What is most astonishing, however, is that this number actually decreased at least 25% during the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers explain this may be due to the vehemence of some critical commentators, which alienated many who are naturally inclined to accept conspiracy theories.

Picture  Fawns hide in tall grass when they are in danger. When mowing machines approach, this hiding place transforms into a death trap for them. Photo: Keystone