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What does your Switzerland look like?

16.09.2020 –

National exhibitions are part of Switzerland’s identity. They are intergenerational projects that bring people of all ages together. The next national exhibition, Nexpo, is taking a new approach and seeking to identify the symbols – both existing and new – that will be emblematic of the Switzerland of tomorrow.

Ahead of Nexpo, Switzerland’s ten biggest cities hope to find out what concerns us as a society, what we have in common, what makes us happy – and what doesn’t. To this end, they have conceived the Nexplorer opinion survey – an imaginative questionnaire in which each participant’s body of answers is reflected in an individualised Swiss cross. The aim of Nexplorer, which runs until the end of 2020, is to raise awareness about the key themes of the next national exhibition. The Swiss Abroad are expressly encouraged to take part in the survey.

Looking back at what today seems a very traditional and patriotic national exhibition in 1939: every Expo is a reflection of its time. Photo: Keystone

Nexpo will not be a classic national exhibition restricted to a fenced-in area. Instead, it will connect cultural initiatives across Switzerland in all language regions, cities, conurbations and rural areas. It will therefore build bridges between the centre and the periphery, and form a network throughout Switzerland defined by real meeting places. In the words of the project organisers: “Today’s generation also deserves its own expo, as a cultural field trial for social orientation in the 21st century.”

Back in 2002, Expo.02 was organised decentrally and welcomed over 10 million visitors to the events taking place in several cantons simultaneously. The pioneers planning Nexpo want the next Expo to be much more networked. Photo: Keystone