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A new look for the print edition of “Swiss Review”

01.07.2022 – MARC LETTAU

The print edition of “Swiss Review” now has a new look. We have revamped the layout. This demonstrates our commitment to the print edition, which a great many of you read around the world.

We have done a thorough spring clean. Countless people helped us: the many suggestions in our 2020 readership survey for improving the magazine’s design helped us in this regard.


In terms of the magazine structure, we have changed the article sequence. We have put content that we consider particularly important – the Focus article and the latest news – nearer the front. The reader comments now have pride of place in the SwissCommunity section. And rightly so, because our readers are the Swiss community in the proper sense.

Colour coding

When doing a spring clean, it is a good idea to arrange things in a way that makes it easy to see what goes where. In the magazine, you can now distinguish between the journalistic content (white pages), the Federal Administration content (beige pages), and where the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad and its partner organisations have their say (blue pages). This colour coding also makes it easier to see whether the magazine includes a regional section.


We do not plan to turn “Swiss Review” into a glossy magazine. It will remain simple, understated and not one gram too heavy, so that we can continue posting it around the world. However, we have given the magazine a good old tidy-up and allowed ourselves greater freedom in how we visually present the content. The Focus article in this edition is a good example, with the vibrant pictures afforded a little more emphasis. Hopefully, this will enhance the reading experience.

This spring clean also demonstrates our commitment to the print edition, which provides many Swiss Abroad with an important, valued and tangible connection to Switzerland. At present, 325,000 readers enjoy the print edition of “Swiss Review”.