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A great little ghost


“Ghost Knigi” has been around for some time now. The little ghost is the brainchild of Benjamin Sommerhalder, an illustrator and author from Zurich. First appearing in Sommerhalder’s own small publishing house, Nieves, in Zurich, Knigi has now been “adopted” by the renowned Diogenes Verlag. The story goes like this: Knigi, the little ghost, receives a book from his aunt. But something’s not quite right with it: the pages are all completely blank. The little ghost hasn’t learned to read yet, which is why all books strike him as just empty pages.  

Knigi decides to discover the secret of what’s behind this mysterious thing called “reading”. And when he does, he discovers a miraculous explosion of colour, adventure and joy leaping out from the pages. This charming little book is the perfect gift for young and old. If you love books, you’ll love Knigi.