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More than 650 Swiss associations and institutions overseas are affiliated to the Organization of the Swiss Abroad (OSA), creator of the SwissCommunity platform.


These associations are extremely diverse and include humanitarian groups, traditional Swiss clubs, sporting associations, folk , trade associations, parental associations, etc.   

With SwissCommunity, you can easily find almost 350 of these organizations on our on-line platform and contact them directly.  By carrying out a simple search by region, you can easily find the association that meets your requirements.


If you wish to register your club in, do not hesitate and help us complete the list by filling in the form “Register your club”. Please also let us know any changes in your club. We kindly ask you to note that only Swiss Societies which are recognized by the OSA will be published on Isn’t your club yet recognized by the OSA? Then please complete the application form below to become part of the network of the Swiss Abroad  and benefit from the related advantages. Thank you for your collaboration!


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