Verena Funnell-Stirnemann, New Zealand

Verena Funnell-Stirnemann, New Zealand




Something special

Creativity is an important part of me.


Who are you?

I am a Massage and Bowen Therapist with a big interest in natural health and wellbeing. This has been my passion for the last 22 years and I intend to continue working and helping people for as long as I can. Looking back, my mother was my first Foot Reflexology teacher. A few years ago a local school asked me to run interest courses in massage.
To keep fit I do weight training and spin classes and walk the 1,500 steps up the Hakarima track on a weekly base.
I also like being creative which entails upcycling jerseys and other clothes. Garden and home design is another of my interests.



Is there anything in your daily life which links you with 

I raised my son speaking my native tongue, which is Zuerituetsch. This is important to me as he is the only person I can keep my language alive with. Of course there is the 'issue" of perhaps not being totally up to date with colloquialism, on the whole however I think it is a good thing to be bilingual or even trilingual, keeping braincells alive.


Does your home have a Swiss touch? In what way?

A Swiss calender is usually hanging up in a prominent place and I always display red geraniums and Petunias outside my front door. For the Swiss touch I have a little cowbell in the hall and a carved butter mould in my kitchen. In my pantry you can find Schnaps of the Zwetschge and Williams variety.


What is your favourite Swiss dish?

My favorite is Roeschti, but my cooking skills usually let me down.


Do you return to Switzerland regularly?

I do return to Switzerland occasionally and always enjoy my visits


What feature of your country of residence would you like 
 to take back with you to Switzerland?

I would take the beaches with me.






Buch ''100 Faces''

You may find additional portraits of Swiss Abroad in the book entitled «100 Faces – Portraits of Swiss living abroad» (online version only), published by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) on the occasion of the anniversary of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad. It shows the multifaceted lives of Swiss people living abroad. One hundred people – both contemporary and from the past – whose stories and reasons for emigrating are as varied as they are unique, all share one thing in common: their attachment to Switzerland.


Buch ''Globale Schweiz''

The book «Globale Schweiz – die Entdeckung der Auslandschweizer» (in German only) by former OSA director Rudolf Wyder contains interesting information about the 100 years of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad worth reading. It examines the foundation of the Organisation in 1916 as well as the government's Swiss Abroad policy and provides insight into the lifes of Swiss Abroad in Europe and overseas. Order the book now.


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