René Bertschi, Canada

René Bertschi, Canada




Something special about me

I love Engineering, Golfing, Filming & Photography, and Certified UAV pilot.


Who are you?

I was born in Schaffhausen played for FC Schaffhausen, moved to Canada in 1969, studied Mechanical Engineering in Montreal and worked as Director of Manufacturing at Electrolux until 1983. Then moved to Toronto and worked for Husky Injection Molding as Manager Hot Runner Systems in 1991 moved to Wiesbaden Germany to set-up the Hot Runner business for Husky. In 1997 I had the opportunity to start a new company with partners in the US called “Gammaflux Europe GmbH” as Managing Director. Retired in 2011 and moved back to Canada. In 2015 I started a new company “Skyview Arts Inc. flying Drones for video and photograph of historical and real estate properties. In 2015 published a photo book about the war of 1812-1815. I am also a Board Member of the Friends of Fort George Historical Society and have a wife and two children a daughter & son.



Is there anything in your daily life which links you with 

Meeting people at the Swiss Rifle club and visiting local Swiss friends.


Does your home have a Swiss touch? In what way?

My Swiss Watches and Calendars.


What is your favourite Swiss dish?

Rösti mit Geschnetzelten and Swiss Fondue.


Do you return to Switzerland regularly?

Once every 2-3 years to visit my father and sister.


What feature of your country of residence would you 
 like to take back with you to Switzerland?

Maple syrup, photos of the colorful landscape and history.






Buch ''100 Faces''

You may find additional portraits of Swiss Abroad in the book entitled «100 Faces – Portraits of Swiss living abroad» (online version only), published by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) on the occasion of the anniversary of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad. It shows the multifaceted lives of Swiss people living abroad. One hundred people – both contemporary and from the past – whose stories and reasons for emigrating are as varied as they are unique, all share one thing in common: their attachment to Switzerland.


Buch ''Globale Schweiz''

The book «Globale Schweiz – die Entdeckung der Auslandschweizer» (in German only) by former OSA director Rudolf Wyder contains interesting information about the 100 years of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad worth reading. It examines the foundation of the Organisation in 1916 as well as the government's Swiss Abroad policy and provides insight into the lifes of Swiss Abroad in Europe and overseas. Order the book now.


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