Zug: Welcome

Dear Swiss citizens living abroad,


The canton of Zug is pleased to welcome you on behalf of SwissCommunity.org.

The smallest full canton in Switzerland offers amazing diversity in a small area: Zug is relaxing yet exciting, traditional yet innovative, pleasantly small yet large enough, cosmopolitan yet down to earth. Zug is a business location with international appeal that manages to remain a rurally traditional idyll with a straightforward character.

Located in the beautiful foothills of the Alps and surrounded by lakes and mountains, small towns and local recreational areas offer the chance to relax. Leisure and sports facilities are complemented by a range of cultural and educational opportunities. At the same time Zug has excellent transport links to Zurich, Lucerne and the neighbouring regions. For decades our canton has recorded above-average economic growth and a steady increase in population numbers, employment and local companies; all of this makes Zug one of the most successful cantons in Switzerland. Nevertheless, it has been possible to maintain naturally grown resources and the countrified environment.


Zug in brief

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Canton Zug
Number of inhabitants: 122'134
Area: 239 km²