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Urs G. Fuchs

Tobias Moser is the Landschreiber (Head of the Cantonal Administration of Zug). He warmly invites all citizens of the Canton of Zug living abroad to play an active part in Swiss political life.




The canton of Zug comprises eleven political municipalities. The capital of Zug and its largest municipality is the City of Zug. The municipalities in Zug are divided between two regions: The mountain region consists of Oberägeri, Unterägeri, Menzingen and Neuheim; the valley region encompasses Zug, Baar, Steinhausen, Risch, Cham, Hünenberg and Walchwil.


Cantonal council              

Every four years, the inhabitants of Zug elect their legislative authority, the Cantonal Council, which is made up of 80 members. The Cantonal Council is currently composed as follows: CVP: 22; SVP: 19; FDP: 18; Alternative: 10; SP: 7 and Green Liberal: 4. The next Cantonal Council elections will take place in October 2018.


Government council

The 7-member Government Council of Zug is elected every four years by the people of Zug. It is the managing executive authority and is characterized by a collegial structure. The Government Council reaches its decisions by a majority vote under the chairmanship of its president (Landamman).


More information on the policy of the canton of Zug, also on court maintenance, state chancellery,

organizations with a public service mandate and National Council and the Council of States:

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