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Thomas Hürlimann

Thomas Hürlimann

Thomas Hürlimann was born on 21 December 1950 in Zug as the son of the later federal councillor Hans Hürlimann. Thomas Hürlimann made his first appearance as an author with the publication of his collection of stories “Die Tessinerin” in 1981. Today he works as an author, screenwriter and playwright and divides his time between Switzerland and Berlin. Thomas Hürlimann has already won many prizes for his work. Probably his best-known work is the novella “Fräulein Stark”, published in 2001.


Walo Lüönd

Walo Lüönd

Walo Lüönd was born on 13 April 1927 in Zug. After leaving school he first completed an apprenticeship as a gentlemen’s tailor before training as an actor. His big break came in 1970 with the role of Dällenbach Kari in the film of the same name. Many people remember Walo Lüönd from the film Die Schweizermacher (The Swissmakers), one of the most successful Swiss films of all time. In 2010 he appeared in the role of Feinstein the tailor in the movie Der grosse Kater (no official English title exists, but it translates to “The Big Cat”), which is based on the bestseller of the same name by Thomas Hürlimann. Walo Lüönd died in Locarno on 17 June 2012.


Adelheid Page-Schwerzmann

Adelheid Page-Schwerzmann, honorary citizen of Cham, was born on 20 August 1853 in Zug. She grew up as a half-orphan. Thanks to her unconventional marriage to George Page in 1875 she quickly climbed the social ladder. Adelheid Page was an important advisor to her husband and certainly herself influenced business decisions of the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co., of which her husband was the head. In addition, she campaigned strongly for social causes, especially dedicating herself to the fight against tuberculosis. Adelheid Page was a lady of the world”, travelled across Italy and France, took painting lessons and maintained contact with influential people from political and economic spheres – this at a time when the scope of life of many women was often limited to their homes and families. Adelheid Page died on 15 September 1925 in Cham. In memory of her charity there still exists an Adelheid-Page Strasse in Cham, an Adelheid-Page fountain in Unterägeri and an Adelheid Street Dixon in the state of Illinois, the home of her husband.



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