Zug: History & Tradition


Historical overview

The settlement history of the canton of Zug goes back to the ninth millennium BC, back when the first humans built their stilt houses on the shores of Lake Zug. In the sixth/seventh century AD, the Alemanni established a hereditary dukedom in this area. Settlement by the Romans has also been proven by finds.

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ZG history



Many customs and traditions are maintained in the canton of Zug. Some have their roots in the fifteenth century or even earlier.

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Culinary tradition

Zuger Chriesi

The canton has a long cherry tradition. Not only are there customs based around the “Chriesi” such as the Zug “Chriesimärt” (cherry market), cherries are also used liberally in Zug kitchens and bakeries, for example in:

  • Zug cherry gateau
  • Zug kirsch liquor


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Recipe Zuger Kirschtorte (Link only in German)

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Zuger Kirschtorte

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