Zug: Facts & Figures

The canton of Zug covers an area of 238.55 km2 and is home to 118,118 people (as of 2014) spread over eleven municipalities. The City of Zug has the highest population, followed by Baar and Cham. The smallest municipality is Neuheim.


Did you know…?

  • in the canton of Zug there are 598 farms with an average area of 18.4 ha?
  • the canton of Zug can be explored via 551 km of hiking trails and 145.9 km of bike trails?
  • the average age in the canton of Zoug is 41.3? (as of 31.12.2013)

  • in the canton of Zug, 1659.3 ha of land have been designated as nature reserves? That constitutes around 7% of the canton’s total area.  


The figures keep coming

  • 118,118 people from 131 different nationalities reside in the canton.
  • The lowest point in the canton of Zug is 388 m above sea level in the Reussspitz nature reserve in Hünenberg; the highest elevation is Wildspitz at 1580 m above sea level.
  • 44% of the canton’s area is used for farming, 27.4% is covered by woods and forests and 13.7% is populated area. 2.1% of the geographical area of Zug is not useful for production. Lake Zug and the Ägerisee cover 12.8% of the canton’s area along with other smaller waters.


For more information on cantonal statistics in the Canton of Zug

 Zug Cantonal Statistics (Link only in German)

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