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The canton of Zug is one of the powerhouses of the Swiss economy: While the working population in Zug increased by 14.7% (from 85,504 to 97,687) from 2005 to 2008, the total increase for the rest of Switzerland over the same period was only 5.1%. The number of employees rose in 2011 to 103'024 (+ 5.5%), although the increase throughout Switzerland during the same period was only at 1.9%. Zug also has strikingly large employment potential for the whole of central Switzerland: Approximately 100,000 jobs are available to around 120,000 inhabitants in Zug (figures from 2011).


Economy of the region

The capital goods industry is of great importance to the canton of Zug. Within this industry, a specialization on key technology sectors that is unique in Switzerland can be discerned. In particular, Zug companies have a strong focus on medical technology and the production of electronic elements.

Another important sector is the wholesale trade, which focuses heavily on commodity trading and marketing of life science assets. The importance of the wholesale trade in the Zug economic area serves both corporate services and financial services. For this reason, a large number of IT service providers, business consultants as well as architectural and engineering offices have now opened branches in Zug. Other clusters have formed in the areas of sports equipment/sports marketing, metal processing, school, cadre and adult education and in the field of pharmaceuticals/chemicals.


  • AgricultureAgriculture

    The primary sector accounts for 3 percent of the region's economy.

  • FinanceFinance

    A beacon sector in the cantonal economy

  • ServicesServices

    Some 73% of the Canton's workforce are engaged in the service sector.

  • ChemicalsChemicals

    One of the biggest companies in this industry is located in the Canton.


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