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The Canton of Valais is delighted to welcome you to its pages on SwissCommunity!


The Valais is a canton in constant development, but never forgets its roots. “Valaisan and proud of it”, is the first thing the inhabitants say about themselves. The people of the Valais love life. A spirit of happiness and serenity characterizes their daily lives. For 150 years, the people of the Valais have emigrated in search of new opportunities abroad, but they did not forsake their home country without a certain sadness. “Bien loin de nous le chagrin, la tristesse. Soyons joyeux, embrassons la gaîté. Nous partirons avec grande vitesse, que le regret ne nous rattrape jamais! …". Song of the Valaisan settlers and emigrants (Link only in French)


Enjoy navigating these Valais pages of SwissCommunity and "à bientôt" (bis bald!) in our Canton. 


The Canton of Valais and the Valaisans abroad   

Valais-community (Link only in German and French)

Valaisans of the world

Promovalais (Link only in German)


Valais in brief

Canton of Valais (Link only in German and French)
Town of Sion (Link only in French)

Valais Promotion

Canton Valais
Number of inhabitants: 335'696
Area: 5'224 km²