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Bernhard Russi

Bernhard Russi

Bernhard Russi was born in Andermatt on 20 August 1948. Russi achieved most of his greatest successes as a Swiss racing skier during the 1970s. At the time, he was one of the world's finest sportsmen in the discipline of downhill skiing. Since his retirement from active sports participation, Russi has kept busy as a commentator and racing analyst on Swiss Television, and as a technical consultant to the International Ski Federation (FIS).


Wilhelm Tell

Wilhelm Tell

William Tell, by far the most famous of all the Swiss, has no recorded date of birth or death. The legend of the fabled freedom fighter merely records that he lived in Central Switzerland in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. The oldest mention yet known of William Tell dates from 1472 and appears in the White Book of Sarnen. A song in the book associates Tell with the foundation of the Confederacy; this song, in turn, originates from the time of the Burgundian Wars. Since then, the legend of Tell has been told and retold in many different versions. Part of its fame derives from Schiller's play "William Tell," of 1804. It was not until that period of the 19th century that Tell rose to the rank of Swiss national hero.


Sabine Dahinden

Sabine Dahinden

Sabine Dahinden, born on 14 August 1968, is a Swiss TV show presenter. She studied German at Berne University, and qualified as a secondary school teacher in 1994. Then she moved into journalism. Since 1995 she has worked with Swiss Television. At present she works as an editor and presents the program "Schweiz aktuell."


Franz Steinegger

Franz Steinegger, Swiss lawyer and politician, was born in Flüelen on 8 March 1943. After graduating from high school in 1963, he read law at Zurich University and passed the examination to become an advocate and notary in Uri in 1970. In 1973 Steinegger became politically active on the council of his home village of Flüelen. In 1977 and again in 1984, he was Chairman of the FDP in Uri. Later, from 1989 to 2003, he served as Chairman of the FDP at national level. In 2003 he also took over the management of the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. He earned the nickname of "Catastrophe Franz" while working as Head of Uri's crisis unit in the two great storms of 1977 and 1987.



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