Uri: History & Tradition

Uri is one of the founding cantons of Switzerland. Along with Schwyz and Unterwalden, it was a signatory of the Swiss Federal Charter - the Bundesbrief - on the Rütli "at the beginning of the month of August 1291." Under threat from Austria, the three forest cantons pledged to preserve their freedom and direct imperial status and to maintain the Eternal Alliance. In 1309 the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VIII confirmed Uri's free imperial status, but just six years later, in 1315, Frederick the Fair again undermined Uri, which eventually led to the victory of the original Swiss Cantons over the Austrian forces at Morgarten.


The Canton only reluctantly ratified the Swiss Constitution of 1798, whereby Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden and Zug merged to form the Canton of Waldstätten.

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UR history


Tradition – The Hilltop Fires of 1 August

Switzerland celebrates its National Day on 1 August, with many parties, speeches and hilltop bonfires. The day is a special highlight in the Canton of Uri, as one of the three founding cantons of the Confederation. Fires glow in the dusk from every hilltop on Swiss National Day.

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UR history


Culinary tradition

Uri Cheese Soup

"Urner Chäässuppä," as it is known in the dialect of Uri, is a peasant dish. It is served with stewed prunes or salted potatoes and salad.


Urner recipes


Traditional products

  • Iberlitzli
  • Uristier Aniseed
  • Urner Alpine
  • Zigerkrapfen

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