Uri: Economy

With its mix of SMEs and major corporations, Uri’s more than 2,100 companies offer many opportunities to make acquisitions. As in most cantons, in Uri more than half the workforce of around 15,700 people, are employed in the service sector.


Economy of the region

Some national and international companies have their headquarters in Uri:

  • Dätwyler Holding AG
  • RUAG Components
  • Strabag AG
  • Implenia Bau AG


The region's economy is based on established staple industries, e.g:


  • TourismTourism

    Accounting for more than 10% of the jobs in the Canton, tourism is of major economic importance in Uri.

  • Security and defence engineeringSecurity and defence engineering

    International technology groups in the field of security and defence engineering are among the region's largest employers.

  • Industrial supply and distributionIndustrial supply and distribution

    Uri is the distribution hub for engineering and electronic components.

  • Construction companiesConstruction companies

    National und international construction companies, based in Uri, represent an important pillar of the regional economy


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