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Our mild climate, subtropical vegetation, urban areas, food, culture and use of the Italian language distinguish us from the rest of Switzerland. Our region has fantastic tourist infrastructure in dozens of areas ranging from sports to over 3600 km of footpaths.


Culturally Italian but politically Swiss, Ticino is a dynamic region at the crossroads of main transport routes and has an airport located in Agno. Many businesses seek to relocate here due to the area’s strategic geographical location.


Ticino is a region spanning an area of 2812 km2 and its capital is Bellinzona. The majority of the population of 330,000 lives in urban centres such as Lugano (the country’s third-largest financial hub), Locarno/Ascona, Mendrisio/Chiasso and Bellinzona.


Also with its training centres and state-of-the-art research facilities, Ticino has gained international fame in the fields of architecture, medicine, science and culture. However, it has been estimated that over 100,000 Ticinesi now live outside of the region. Thus, the government has set up OltreconfiniTi (beyond the borders of Ticino), a multimedia project dedicated to emigration issues, in a bid to strengthen ties with emigrants.


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Canton Ticino
Number of inhabitants: 351'946
Area: 2'812 km²