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Ticino is a cultural hotspot. The Locarno Film Festival is the canton’s most prestigious international event, transforming the Piazza Grande ("Big Square") into a 9000-seat open-air cinema. The Castellinaria Young People’s Film Festival in Bellinzona is also worthy of mention.


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A plethora of musical events also appear on the calendar, with highlights including hotly anticipated concerts by Jazz Ascona, Moon and Stars (in Piazza Grande, Locarno) and Vallemaggia Magic Blues ("The smallest Big Blues Festival in Switzerland"). Project Martha Argerich and the Musical Weeks in Ascona put classical music in the spotlight in a region which boasts its own symphony orchestra, the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana (OSI).


Ticino is also famous for its large number of free open-air concerts. Music lovers will not want to miss Estival Jazz, Festate, Estiva Lugano, LongLake Festival or Blues to Bop, which are all organised throughout the summer months.


Lugano is home to the Museo Cantonale d’Arte, the Museo d’Arte, the Swiss National Sound Archives (Fonoteca Nazionale) and the Lugano Art and Culture centre (LAC), which will open its doors in 2014.


The Verscio-based Scuola and Compagnia Teatro Dimitri (Dimitri Theatre Company), Lugano in Scena and the Bellinzona Social Theatre further enrich the cultural landscape


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