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Interesting People from Solothurn


Cuno Amiet

Cuno Amiet – painter, graphic artist and sculptor – was born in Solothurn on 28 March 1868. From an early age, in the face of his father's initial scepticism, he nurtured a wish to become an artist. On leaving school, this ambition took him to the art metropolis of Munich, where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. There he also made the acquaintance of the Swiss painter Giovanni Giacometti, who became his friend for life. He also became a member of the artists' association "Die Brücke", founded in 1906. Amiet's work was influenced by the great post-impressionist painters such as Gauguin, Bernard und Séruiser. He died in Oschwand on 6 July 1961.


Carl Franz Bally

Carl Franz Bally

Carl Franz Bally, founder of the Bally shoe factory, was born in Schönenwerd on 24 October 1821, as one of thirteen brothers and sisters. He was the first Swiss shoe manufacturer to rely on making shoes by mass production. This was actually a very bold step at the time, as Swiss shoe production was largely organized in craft guilds. Business went badly at first, but Bally imported American equipment which mechanized almost the whole production process. Strong growth ensued so that, by 1900, Bally was the world's biggest shoe company. Carl Franz Bally died in Basel on 15 August 1899.


Gökhan Inler

Gökhan Inler was born in Olten on 27 June 1984. From the early age of six, this Swiss citizen of Turkish origin was playing with FC Olten. At 16, the talented midfielder made his debut with FC Solothurn, before signing for FC Basel in 2002, for the U21 team. However, he only became truly established under the wing of FC Aarau trainer Andy Egli. In 2005 he was first called to play for the national U21 team, and he scored his first goal in an international match against Jamaica in 2007, in a friendly match. Inler now plays in the Swiss national team and for the Italian club Udinese Calcio.


Peter Bichsel

Peter Bichsel

Peter Bichsel was born in Lucerne on 24 March 1935, but spent his childhood in Olten. On completing compulsory education, he trained as a primary school teacher in Solothurn. As a writer, famous especially for his short stories, he acted as personal adviser to Federal Councillor Willi Richard from 1974 to 1981. Bichsel now lives in Bellach, near Solothurn.



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