Schaffhausen: History & Tradition

Historical records of what is now the Canton of Schaffhausen date back to 1045 A.D.

Following the collapse of the old sovereign state in 1798, the Canton became a theatre of war for foreign armies. In 1799 the Austrians forced the French into retreat, after several battles had been fought in the Schaffhausen area. The retreating French forces burned the famous wooden bridge over the Rhine, which had a span of 364 feet.

The Act of Mediation gave the Canton of Schaffhausen a representative constitution. This was amended in 1814, to make it more aristocratic, and again in 1830-31, making it more liberal and democratic. The 1831 constitution also abolished the privileges of the urban bourgeoisie. This entailed the elimination of town and state assets, and gave birth to the Municipality of Schaffhausen, with its own administrative system. The rural municipalities similarly became independent.

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Tradition – The St. Nicholas Arts & Crafts Market

The “Chlaus- und Kunsthandwerkmarkt” takes place in the Lower Town every first weekend in December. There are many small stalls selling spices, candles, Christmas tree decorations and Christmas giftware.




Culinary tradition

Hallauer Schinkenwurst  



Traditional products

  • Merishauser Bienenstich          
  • Schaffhauserzungen    
  • Schlaatemer Rickli
  • Tabakrolle

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