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Schaffhausen Film Festival to be held for the 15th time in 2011!

“Order your drink from the bar, grab a comfy armchair or sofa, settle down and LET THE FILM SHOW BEGIN! The legendary Film Festival has been held in Schaffhausen’s Kammgarn Arts Centre for the past 10 years. Screenings have included a few mainstream films and a sprinkling of shorts., with an abundance of very special films. So drop in and enjoy something different.

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Things to discover …

If it is about discovering new things or talking about old times... best thing is enjoy a glass of wine with it. The Blauburgunderland (only available in German) invites you to degustations, to stroll around in beautiful landscapes and simply to enjoy life...



Don't miss…

The International Bach Festival takes place every three years in Schaffhausen. Preparations are already in full swing for Ascension Weekend 2012.

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