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Interesting people from Obwalden


Rudolf Rymann

Rudolf "Ruedi" Rymann was born in Sarnen on 31 January 1933 and died on 10 September 2008. He was a yodeller, singer, composer and performer of  folk music, whose reputation spread to the United States, Japan, South Korea and Brazil. One of the founders of the Giswil Jodel Club, Rymann published many records and CDs. In 1982 he was awarded a gold record for his performance of the popular song "Dr Schacher Seppli." This is still one of the songs most requested on Swiss radio stations. He received another gold disc for his yodelling song, "Der Gemsjäger" (the ibex hunter). In 2002 he was awarded the Prix Walo, followed in 2007 by the Culture Prize of the Canton of Obwalden. A memorial was erected in his honour at Giswil in March 2010.


Erika Hess

Erika Hess, formerly a skier, was born in Engelberg on 6 March 1962. During the 1980s, she dominated the women's Alpine skiing scene, winning the World Cup in 1982 and again in 1984. She also won the Slalom World Cup from 1981 to 1983 and in 1985. In 1984 she won the World Cup for giant and super combined slalom. In 1982 she became World Champion in super combined, giant slalom and slalom, at Haus in the Ennstal. Even at the end of her career, she managed to take a gold medal for combined and slalom at the 1987 Ski World Championship in Crans-Montana. She won the bronze medal for slalom at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.


Fritz Feierabend

Fritz Feierabend was born in Engelberg on 29 June 1908 and died on 25 November 1978. He was a bobsleigh champion active in the period 1933 - 1955, when he won races in the disciplines of two and four-man bob. With his father, Fritz Feierabend designed the first all-steel bobsleigh known by the name of "Feierabend Bob." During his sporting career he brought back six gold medals, three silver and three bronze from the Olympic Games. He also won five Swiss championships.


Ludwig von Moos

Ludwig von Moos

Ludwig von Moos was born in Sachseln, in the Canton of Obwalden, on 31 January 1910 and died on 16 November 1990. He was a Swiss political personality and a member of the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland. He attended Fribourg University, where he graduated in law. He was Chairman of the Municipal Council of Sachseln from 1941 to 1946, while also serving as a cantonal judge. From 1935 to 1942, he was also editor of a newspaper, the Obwalder Volksfreund. In 1943 he was elected to the Swiss Council of States at the age of 33, becoming the Chamber's youngest deputy. During his term of office, he tabled a motion calling for the Catholic disability articles of the federal constitution (prohibiting the Jesuits, convents and dioceses) to be repealed. From 1946 to 1959, he was also a member of the Cantonal Government of Obwalden, which he chaired four times, with the title of Landammann (1953, 1955, 1957 and 1959). On 17 December 1959, he was elected to the Federal Council, where he directed the Department of Justice and Police until 31 December 1971. He was President of the Swiss Confederation for National Exhibition Year 1964 and during the visit of Pope Paul VI in 1969.



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