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Interesting people from Nidwalden


Johann Melchior Wyrsch

Johann Melchior Wyrsch or Jean Wyrsch was a painter born in Buochs on 1 August 1732, who died on 9 September 1798. In 1773 he and the sculptor Luc Breton co-founded a college of painting and sculpture in Besançon. In 1784 he was made an honorary citizen of Besançon in recognition of his services to the town. That same year he left for Lucerne where, again, he founded an art college.


Nicole Riner

Nicole Riner was born in Ennetbürgen on 13 June 1990. She is a tennis player, who won her first international tournament in 2004, on the European Junior Tour (16&U). In 2006 she gained a place in the WTA ranking for the first time.


Arnold Odermatt

Arnold Odermatt

Arnold Odermatt, born in Oberdorf on 25 May 1925, is a photographer who initially trained as a baker. He served as the police photographer of the Canton of Nidwalden for more than 40 years, until his retirement in 1990. He is known for his black and white photographs of cars after accidents.


Urs Odermatt

Urs Odermatt

Urs Odermatt was born in Stans on 28 February 1955. He is a producer and author whose career began in journalism, criticism and photography. He also works as a producer in television, cinema and theatre in Switzerland and Germany. With cameraman Rainer Klausmann, he founded the production company Nordwest Film AG in 1990. He is the son of the photographer Arnold Odermatt.



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