Neuchâtel: Economy

Neuchâtel is known as Switzerland’s leading watchmaking canton”. Indeed, around one-third of the jobs in the Swiss watchmaking industry as a whole exist within this Canton. Neuchâtel is also a centre for micro and nano-technology within Switzerland, with many research and development institutions and centres located here. Other pillars of the cantonal economy are “new” sectors such as biotechnology, computer engineering, renewable energy, etc. 


Economy of the region

The Canton of Neuchâtel boasts more than 9000 businesses, of which a high proportion are international companies. 

  • Richemont SA
  • Johnson&Johnson SA
  • Philip Morris International Inc


While watchmaking is the staple industry, the Canton is also home to other well-established sectors:


  • EnergyEnergy

    The Canton invests in renewable energy sources, which are increasingly being exploited.

  • Watch industryWatch industry

    The watchmaking sector provides more than 10% of the Canton’s total employment.

  • Micro and nanotechnologyMicro and nanotechnology

    Many businesses involved in the mastery of very small dimensions ans extreme precision have grown in the Canton.

  • TourismTourism

    In 2008 the Canton offered 590 hotels and restaurants.


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