Jura: Economy

Jura has a highly specialized economy, which is heavily reliant on the watchmaking industry. However, Jura also excels in other sectors, such as microtechnology and machine tools. Today the Canton offers support measures to encourage its economy to diversify into new fields of business such as life sciences, micro and nano-technology, environmental technology and information and communication technology (ICT).


Economy of the region

The economy of the Canton of Jura consists mainly of local and international SMEs such as:

  • Donzé-Baume, Branch of Richemont International SA
  • Maurice Lacroix SA
  • Manufacrure Ruedin SA
  • Wenger SA


The region's economy is based on established staple industries, e.g:


  • Watch industryWatch industry
  • MicrotechnologyMicrotechnology
  • Machine toolsMachine tools


For more information on economy in the Canton of Jura

Deprtment of Economy (only in French)
Economic promotion of the Canton of Jura

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