Graubünden: Welcome

A very warm welcome awaits you, our fellow-citizens abroad, in the Canton of Graubünden - land of the ibex, home to Heidi, source of the Rhine at Lake Toma and Switzerland's largest holiday region.

SwissCommunity wishes you "bun viadi" - a happy virtual voyage of discovery of the Canton of Graubünden!


The Canton of Graubünden and the Swiss Abroad

The Canton of Graubünden has been trialling electronic voting since 2010. The technical basis for the Vote électronique trial is a platform shared by seven cantons. At present, only Swiss expats have the option of voting electronically. The cantonal government is pursuing the long-term goal of gradually making this new form of voting available to all voters in the Canton of Graubünden. Of course, security considerations are being given maximum priority. The current Vote électronique system already meets very high standards. By implementing various measures, the cantonal government is doing everything possible to satisfy the stringent security requirements of electronic voting and ballot systems.


A video produced by the State Chancellery of the Canton of Graubünden explains how Vote électronique works:

Video in German

Video in Italian

Video in Romansh


Graubünden in brief

Political system of the Canton of Graubünden
Canton of Graubünden

City of Chur (link only available in German)

Canton Graubünden
Number of inhabitants: 196'610
Area: 7'105 km²