Graubünden: Economy

The Canton of Graubünden is the most important tourist region in Switzerland. Revenue from the tourism and leisure industries provides an income for around one third of the working population. The Canton of Graubünden is also a very attractive business location: numerous global players manufacturing products for the chemical, plastic, precision instruments, electronics and sensor industries have set up home here. Then there is the electricity sector, agriculture and the canton's role as a financial centre. These three industries are mainly concentrated in the larger population centres.


Economy of the region

The Canton of Graubünden also provides the location for the Swiss and European headquarters of big international groups such as:

  • EMS-Chemie AG, Domat/Ems
  • Georg Fischer AG, Seewis
  • Hamilton AG, Bonaduz
  • Heineken Switzerland AG, Chur
  • Hoppe AG, Müstair
  • Integra Biosciences AG, Zizers
  • Trumpf Enterprises, Grüsch
  • Würth International, Chur


The region's economy is based on established staple industries, e.g:


  • TourismTourism

    The Canton of Grisons is one of the leading holiday regions in the Alps.

  • AgricultureAgriculture

    More than 50% of mountain farms in the Canton of Grisons are organic

  • Electricity generationElectricity generation

    With its big hydro-electric power plants, Grisons prioritizes the production of clean peak electricity.

  • IndustryIndustry

    In addition to machine and tool manufacturers, global players in the chemical, plastic, precision instruments, electronics and sensor industries are all represented here.


World Economic Forum Davos (WEF)

The internationally famous World Economic Forum is held every year in Davos, where leading economic experts, politicians, intellectuals and journalists meet to discuss global issues. The WEF is a valuable platform for Swiss foreign policy and one of the most important economic and sociopolitical events in Switzerland.


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