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In 2006, the Landsgemeinde (“cantonal assembly”) decided on a revolutionary structural reform of the municipality that was ratified in 2007. Since 2011, the canton has been made up of only three municipalities: Glarus Nord, Glarus, and Glarus Süd.

The region between Bilten and Näfels, along with the Kerenzerberg villages, makes up Glarus Nord. The Linth River Plain boasts spectacular mountain views, giving a particular charm to the main town, where you can find everything you could possibly desire when visiting. The combined villages that make up Glarus Süd have become the largest municipality in Switzerland. It contains the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site “Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona” and the “Glarus Thrust”, which was used to unlock the geology of the Alps. The canton right at Zurich’s doorstep is not just a superb tourist destination with diverse options for leisurely and athletic activities – it is also an important production site for many internationally active companies. The uncomplicated yet multifaceted “Glarnerland” imparts a sense of trust and can quickly make one feel at home.

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The Canton of Glarus and its citizens abroad

In Glarus, canton of the “Landsgemeinde”, voters cannot only say yes or no to a proposal made by the government, but actually have a say in the content of each decision. Since voting in the “Landsgemeinde” implies physical presence, Swiss expats’ votes are limited to federal elections. Nevertheless, this exemplary form of direct democracy has led time and time again to pioneering decisions.




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Canton Glarus
Number of inhabitants: 40'028
Area: 685 km²