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Whether young or old, modern or traditional, Glarus offers a wide-ranging cultural palette, spanning from concerts, theatre and readings, to the local youth culture at Holenstein, as well as open-air music in front of the town hall. Interesting exhibitions can always be admired in the Kunsthaus museum. The cantonal library and archives are also of great cultural significance.




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  • Näfelser Fahrt: On the first Thursday of April every year, the residents of Glarus commemorate the Battle of Näfels when they defeated the Habsburgs in 1388. Thanks to this victory, they were able to liberate themselves from Habsburg rule.
  • Fridlisfüür: Literally “Fridolin’s fire” - in honour of the cantonal patron saint St. Fridolin, special Fridolin bonfires are held on the evening of March 6 in many municipalities. In pre-Christian times, these bonfires were once part of a celebration that was thought to chase away winter and lure spring into the country.
  • Schybefleuge: Literally “the flight of the discs”- in some communities there are parades in honour of Shrove Tuesday (also known as Mardi Gras). One special tradition is the “Schybefleuge” in Matt, where the village teenagers hurl burning wooden slices onto the street at night.
  • Klausschellen: Literally "St. Nichola's bells" - in early December the children, carrying turnip lanterns, paper lanterns and bells, accompany St. Nicholas from the woods to the villages, where he then comes to visit them in the coming week. 




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