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Geneva: Welcome

Dear Swiss Abroad,


The Canton of Geneva is delighted to welcome you to its SwissCommunity pages!


Geneva's humanitarian and humanist tradition needs no mention, but the bond between the Canton and its citizens living abroad sometimes receives a lower profile. As a representative of Switzerland, you take with you the values of Switzerland in general, and of the Canton of Geneva in particular, and disseminate them around the world.

In order to facilitate the democratic expression of Geneva citizens residing outside of Switzerland, the Canton of Geneva has been offering electronic voting since the early 2000s. We are committed to ensuring that every Swiss citizen can make his or her voice heard in his or her country and canton. We wish to strengthen the links between us and the citizens of Geneva and, indeed, of the rest of Switzerland, who live abroad. This is because we know what a valuable asset you represent for our Canton. This, too, is why we are sending regular information about our Canton to all SwissCommunity members who request it, including political, economic, tourist and cultural information.


Enjoy navigating these Geneva pages of SwissCommunity and « à bientôt » in our Canton.




The canton of Geneva and the Genevois abroad

Universal desk

E-voting in Geneva


Geneva in brief

Republic and Canton of Geneva

City of Geneva

Geneva Tourism (link is available in English)

Canton Geneva
Number of inhabitants: 484'736
Area: 282 km²