Fribourg: Welcome

Dear Swiss Abroad,


The Canton and City of Fribourg are delighted to welcome you to their pages on SwissCommunity!

Fribourg (or Freiburg) represents a bridge between German- and French-speaking Switzerland. In fact the Canton lies at a crossroads between the Romance and Germanic languages and cultures, adding a multilingual, multicultural dimension to everyday life here in Fribourg. The people of Fribourg feel an intense loyalty to their Canton. Those who, like you, have settled abroad have fond memories of their Canton and feel a strongl sense of  attachment. Their hearts beat a little faster when they hear the name "Fribourg."


Enjoy navigating these Fribourg pages of SwissCommunity and … "à bientôt" (bis bald!) in our Canton.


The Canton of Fribourg and the Fribourgeois abroad

Citizens of Fribourg abroad to vote via the Internet !

"Citizens of Fribourg who reside abroad will soon be able to vote via the Internet. In fact the first trial took take place during the federal elections in autumn 2010, but this option is only be available to those entered on the Fribourg City register. The Cantonal Government hopes to extend electronic voting to all citizens of Fribourg abroad between now and 2012."


New portal for the people of Fribourg : Fribourgissima (link only in German and in French)


Fribourg in brief

Canton of Fribourg   (link only in German and in French)   
City of Fribourg
Fribourg Region
Fribourg Tourism

Canton Fribourg
Number of inhabitants: 307'461
Area: 1'671 km²