Fribourg: Facts & Figures

The life of a canton can also be expressed in figures, percentages, kilograms, population statistics or any other unit of measurement. These serve to track its development on many and various fronts. The Canton of Fribourg publishes the statistics for its 7 constituent districts under more than 18 main headings. 



RSS - Statistics (link only in German and in French)


Did you know…?

  • In 1481 Fribourg was the first French-speaking canton to join the Swiss Confederacy.
  • 10% of Switzerland's milk is produced in Fribourg by 3% of its population.


The figures keep coming

  • 2002 metres is the height of the Moléson, the Canton of Fribourg's mountain symbol.
  • 3.8 million cubic metres was the City of Fribourg's water consumption in 2007.


For more information on statistics in the Canton of Fribourg

Statistical Department (link only in German and in French)

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