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Fribourg has a special feature that is unique in Europe: all education, from nursery school to university, is available in German and/or French. Training has always been a top priority for the city, which is why young people from all over Switzerland and abroad often choose the city of Fribourg for their courses, with its bilingualism serving as an additional attraction. Fribourg offers a vast range of training and educational opportunities, ranging from its university to the College of Engineering and Architecture, the universities of applied science and vocational colleges.


FR education



RSS - Education (link only in French)



University of Fribourg 


Universities of Applied Science

Fribourg College of Engineering and Architecture

School of Business Administration  

Haute Ecole pédagogique (link only in French or in German)

College of Health (link only in German)

Fribourg College of Social Work  (link only in French)


Other specialized colleges

Vocational School Fribourg

Fribourg State Agricultural Institute (link only in French or in German)


Applications for grants

educationsuisse – education in Switzerland


The teaching system in the Canton of Fribourg

Directorate of Public Education (link only in French or in German)


For more information on education in the Canton of Fribourg

Direction of education, culture and sport (link only in French or in German)

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