Fribourg: Economy

Though Fribourg boasts a wide range of industries, its economy is dominated by the food sector. The Canton of Fribourg is also a popular location for the head offices of major international groups from Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe due to its bilingualism and its geographical position, straddling the borderline between French and German-speaking Switzerland.



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Economy of the region

Fribourg also provides the location for the Swiss and European headquarters of big international groups such as:

  • Bayer International SA
  • Tupperware Products SA
  • Scott Sports SA
  • Bulova Swiss SA


The region's economy is based on established staple industries, e.g:


  • Agri-foodsAgri-foods

    168 agri-food companies.

  • MetallurgyMetallurgy

    213 metallurgical companies.

  • ManufacturingManufacturing

    1'110 manufacturing companies.

  • ChemicalsChemicals

    26 chemical companies.


For more information on economy in  the Canton of Fribourg

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Fribourg Development Agency
Fribourg Chamber of Commerce (link only in French and German)
Union of Employers' Associations of the Canton of Fribourg (link only in French and German)
Employers' and Business Federation (link only in French)

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