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General Sutter

General Sutter

General” Sutter was a world-famous Baselbieter. He was born Johann August Sutter in Kandern in 1803, but his true origins lay in Rünenberg. He had studied business, but the impending bankruptcy of his father’s company and prosecution by the Swiss authorities led him to leave his family in 1834. He migrated to California where, in 1839, he colonized an area the size of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft in Sacramento Valley. He called it New Helvetia. Invoking Mexican government authority, he expelled the native population who lived there and built Sutter’s Fort in 1841. Just a few years later, the area fell to the USA, in 1848. That same year, gold was discovered in New Helvetia. This prompted a rush of gold prospectors, who destroyed Sutter’s empire. He claimed damages, but was awarded only a modest annuity and the honorary title of General.



Baschi , born in Gelterkinden in 1986, is registered under the name of Sebastian Bürgi and is one of Switzerland’s best-known pop singers. He launched his career in the first round of the casting show “Music Star,” broadcast on Swiss Television from November 2003 to March 2004. Although he was eliminated early, with sixth place, he subsequently built a successful career for himself as a singer. He now ranks as the most commercially successful “Music Star” candidate.


Anne Marie Düringer

Anne Marie Düringer

Anne Marie Düringer, a Swiss actress and wearer of the Alma Siedler ring, was born in Arlesheim on 26 November 1925. Coming from a well-to-do family of industrialists, she enjoyed the privileges of a theatrical education in Paris and Vienna. Assignments ensued at Vienna’s famous Burgtheater, the Theater am Kurfürstendamm, the Munich Kammerspiele and the Salzburg Festival. From 1953, she performed alongside John Malkovich in the role of the mother of Gustav Klimt. That same year she played Frieda Eggenschwyler in the Swiss box-office hit film “Die Herbstzeitlosen” (Late Bloomers).


DJ Antoine

DJ Antoine was born Antoine Konrad on 23 June 1975. The Swiss House DJ, who produces and manages his own label, based his early career on Hip-Hop, Disco and Garage. He first came to fame in 1996 through his Basel club “House Café.” In 1998 he published his first album “DJ Antoine - The Pumpin’ House Mix.” He has now published 48 albums.



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