Aargau: Welcome

Dear Swiss Abroad,


The Canton of Aargau is delighted to welcome you to its SwissCommunity pages!

Located on the Swiss plateau in the heart of Europe, the Canton of Aargau hasseen many of its citizens emigrate to countries around the globe over the centuries. These pages are intended for you, so that you can discover or rediscover everything that makes our Canton special.


Enjoy navigating these Aargauer pages of SwissCommunity and … "bis bald" in our Canton.


The Canton of Aargau and its Aargauer abroad

The site for "Aargauer abroad" (Link only in German)


Aargau in brief

Canton of Aargau (Link only in German)

Town of Aarau (Link only in German)

Aargau Tourism (Link only in German)

Canton Aargau
Number of inhabitants: 653'675
Area: 1'404 km²