Aargau: History & Tradition

In 1798, the Swiss Confederacy was occupied by French troops, leading to the proclamation of the Helvetic Republic. Bernese Aargau became the Canton of Aargau and the rest of the present-day canton formed the Canton of Baden. In 1803, after the Act of Mediation, the two cantons merged to form a single Canton of Aargau. The valley of Fricktal, ceded to the Helvetic Republic by Austria in 1802 at France's insistence, was temporarily a separate canton, but was merged into the greater Canton of Aargau on 9 March 1803. After the restoration of 1815, the Canton of Aargau remained in existence.


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Tradition – The Maienzug

The Maienzug is the biggest festival in the town of Aarau. It takes place on the first Friday in July, and features a parade of schoolchildren through the old town and a grand banquet on the Maienzugplatz. The whole historic centre of Aarau is transformed into one big party that has lost none of its original charm over the past 400 years.

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Culinary tradition

Aargauer Braten mit Dörrzwetschgen (roast pork à l’Argovienne)



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Traditional products

  • Spanischbrötli (a puff pastry delicacy) 
  • Aargauer Rüeblitorte (Aargau carrot cake)
  • Aargauer Sonntagswurst (Aargau "Sunday sausage")
  • Badener Chräbeli (special Christmas biscuits from Baden)

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