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The economy of the Canton of Aargau consists of a balanced mix of industrial companies actively engaged in different sectors. In particular, Aargau is the richest canton in mineral resources, with vast deposits of gravel and lime. The Canton's mechanical engineering, metalworking and high-quality plastics industries are successful exporters and the Canton offers good prospects for economic growth. Aargau is a land of rivers and power that has put its valuable fluvial resources to good use. It has not only become an important centre not only for power generation, but also for the development and manufacture of electric power station operating systems and is now one of the most important producers of energy in Switzerland and is now one of the most important producers of energy in Switzerland.


Economy of the region

Major corporations and numerous SMEs form part of the cantonal economy, such as:

  • ABB Suisse
  • Alstom Suisse
  • Groupe Axpo
  • Bernina Schweiz 


The region's economy is based on staple sectors such as:


  • Mechanical engineeringMechanical engineering

    Mechanical engineering is a leading export sector in Switzerland.

  • EnergyEnergy

    Today there are around 25 hydroelectric power stations in the Canton of Aargau, on the rivers Aar, Limmat, Reuss and Rhine.

  • Raw materialsRaw materials

    Output from the Aargau cement works totals around 500,000 tons a year.

  • PlasticsPlastics

    The plastics industry has a long tradition in the Canton.


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