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SwissCommunity is a free, high-quality online platform exclusively serving the Swiss who have been, are, or will be resident abroad. It is a “club” for international Switzerland, designed and tailored to meet the needs of Swiss people worldwide.


Just a few clicks put Swiss people living abroad in contact with each other, worldwide and free of charge, and bring them up to date on current affairs back home. Web-based SwissCommunity seeks primarily to facilitate and strengthen networking between Swiss citizens abroad and Switzerland:


The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad devised and created with the assistance of its strategic partners (swissinfo, Switzerland Tourism, MEDIAparx). Its aim is to strengthen the link between the Swiss abroad and Switzerland. The official launch of SwissCommunity took place on 21 August 2010 in St. Gallen as part of the 88th Congress of the Swiss Abroad.



SwissCommunity serves some basic requirements – such as the need to make contact and swap information, ideas and "secret tips". It also caters for the wish to exchange experiences or find one's feet abroad among fellow-nationals. Community members can use the platform to contact other Swiss people all over the world, with the help of various search criteria.



Swiss people abroad feel close ties to their cantons and like to keep abreast of what is happening at home. SwissCommunity keeps its members informed about current events in Switzerland. Members of SwissCommunity have permanent access to the latest news on swissinfo and also receive the "Swiss Review".


To allow the Swiss abroad to maintain links with their place of origin or canton from their host countries, SwissCommunity offers a space to each Swiss Canton, where they are introduced under various headings, such as their economy, political life, education, tourism, culture and tradition. SwissCommunity members can also obtain direct information from their home cantons, such as results of referenda, news, etc.


Why SwissCommunity?

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) has developed SwissCommunity as a global network for the Swiss abroad. OSA was founded in 1916 and is a foundation whose mission is to inform, link, lobby and advise the 770,900 Swiss residents abroad.

OSA aims to make the link between the Swiss Abroad and Switzerland stronger.


OSA at the service of the Swiss abroad since 1916 –


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01.04.2011     Best of Swiss Web Award

21.08.2010     Launch of


Results of the Questionnaires

Spring 2015    4252 of the 32,000 members took part in the online survey of SwissCommunity during spring 2015.
Find the results here (in German only).
Summer 2012    4000 of the 13,000 members took part in the online survey of SwissCommunity during summer 2012.
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