Philippe Pellaud, Kuwait

Philippe Pellaud, Kuwait



Da die Schweiz ein mehrsprachiges Land ist, haben wir alle Porträtierten gebeten, sich in ihrer bevorzugten Sprache auszudrücken.



Something special about me

My family is originally from Chemin-Dessus above Martigny, same village where our former President Mr Pascal Couchepin comes from! My grand-parents did build the hotel Beausite there in 1912. My grandmother comes from the 15 children strong Crettex family in Champex; it means that the famous mountain guide Jean Troillet’s grandmother and mine are sisters! I also like to mention my sister Dr Nicole Pellaud, Presidente of the Swiss Society of Pediatrics and my cousin Bruno Pellaud, ex-deputy Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Less famously, I have worked in 20 countries during the past 38 years for opening hotels from Asia, the Middle-East and Europe.


Who are you?

My father, René Pellaud (1920-2008) was the first Swissair pilot from Valais and my mother Fernande Pellaud (1926-) was the first Swiss-French Swissair stewardess back in 1946. This family situation brought me around the world during my early age. I Left Switzerland in 1978 after graduating from Lausanne Hotel School.
Worked in Jordan (2x), Indonesia (4x), Malaysia (2x), French Polynesia, China, Nepal, Singapore, Kuwait (2x), United Arab Emirates, Germany, Czech Repulic, France, Turkey (3x), Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Croatia.
I have been a hotel General Manager since 1988, starting with Sheraton hotel in Katmandu, then since 1992 with the Carslon Rezidor Hotel Group in the same position. For the past 30 years I have opened or re-branded more than 15 properties.
I am married with two children (34 & 31) and 3 grand children. My wife is originally from West-Java (Indonesia) and proudly carries the Swiss passport since 1981.



Is there anything in your daily life which links you with 

My mother, my children and their families live in Martigny. I have a house in Switzerland.


Does your home have a Swiss touch? In what way?

My father did teach my wife and children how to play jass – always nice to play when getting together with the family!


What is your favourite Swiss dish?

We enjoy “raclette” with air cured beef.


Do you return to Switzerland regularly?

We are traveling back to Switzerland at least twice a year.


What feature of your country of residence would you 
 like to take back with you to Switzerland?

Our home in Switzerland is filled with memorabilia from different countries we lived-in. from the Middle-East, Persian carpets in particular.






Buch ''100 Faces''

Weitere Portraits von Auslandschweizern finden Sie im Buch «100 Faces – Portraits of Swiss living abroad» (nur elektronisch). Dieses wurde von «Präsenz Schweiz» des Eidgenössischen Departements für auswärtige Angelegen­heiten zum 100-Jahr-Jubiläum der Auslandschweizer-Organisation veröffentlicht. Es zeigt das facettenreiche Leben der Auslandschweizerinnen und Auslandschweizer. 100 Persönlichkeiten von gestern und heute, deren Geschichte und Motive der Auswanderung einzigartig sind. Eines haben sie jedoch alle gemeinsam; die Verbundenheit mit der Schweiz.


Buch ''Globale Schweiz''

Spannende und lesenswerte Information zur 100-jährigen Geschichte der Auslandschweizer-Organisation finden Sie im Buch «Globale Schweiz – die Entdeckung der Auslandschweizer», das vom ehemaligen ASO-Direktor Rudolf Wyder verfasst wurde. Es zeichnet die Entwicklung der 1916 gegründeten Auslandschweizer-Organisation nach, beleuchtet die Auslandschweizerpolitik des Bundes, vermittelt Einblicke in das Leben der Schweizergemeinschaften in Europa und in Übersee. Bestellen Sie das Buch jetzt.


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