Zurich: Facts & Figures

Number of inhabitants, metres above sea level, annual water consumption or number of places in education...figures, quantities and percentages are part of the stuff of cantonal life. With more than 1,35 million residents, Zurich is the most populous canton of Switzerland.



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Did you know…?

  • 200 operas and operettas were performed in the Zurich Opera House during the 2008-09 season.
  • 111 m² is the average size of a four-room apartment in Zurich's Urban District 6.
  • 23% of Zurich parents christened their daughters Lara in 2009.


The figures keep coming

  • 32.5 is the average age of women marrying for the first time in the Canton of Zurich. The average age for men is 35.1.


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