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The Canton of Vaud encourages all Swiss abroad and especially expatriates from Vaud to participate in Swiss political life. To keep in touch with the latest news from the canton, follow developments on canton Vaud's website at or on twitter: @EtatdeVaud where you will find all press releases and press conferences.


The executive

Conseil d'Etat


The Cantonal Council constitutes the government of canton Vaud. It is made up of seven Cantonal Councillors, each of whom is also a head of department. In accordance with the cantonal constitution, the Cantonal Council has set out a legislative programme for the 2012-2017 legislative period.


From left to right


Béatrice Métraux


head of the department of institutions and security

Jacqueline de Quattro


head of the department of territory and the environment

Anne-Catherine Lyon


head of the department of education, youth and culture

Pierre-Yves Maillard


president of the council,

head of the department of health and social services

Pascal Broulis


head of the department of finance and external relations

Philippe Leuba


head of the department of the economy and sports

Nuria Gorrite


head of the department of infrastructure and human resources


Political news

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Cantonal Parliament

Cantonal Council

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