Vaud: History & Tradition


The Lake Geneva Region, shaped by its living traditions


The region features an abundance of local traditions and regional expertise. This intangible heritage, which the inhabitants have succeeded in preserving, is in constant evolution and still influences the region’s scenery, economy, events and gastronomy.


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Discover the history of the Canton of Vaud

The “canton profile” contains key facts about the canton, its history, its assets, priorities, economy, political organisation and its authorities.


Around 30 pages from the dictionary of Swiss history are available online structured chronologically and thematically (politics, religion, economy, etc.).


Recipes' stories

Gâteau de Vully

Gâteau du Vully

The «gâteau du Vully», a cake made with a yeast dough, is a delicious regional speciality. Best known is the version with sugar and cream, but the savoury version with diced bacon and caraway seeds is also excellent.



The recipe of this dish dates back to the 19th century. Incidentally, the origin of this doughnut is a mystery because there are a couple of slightly different versions. For some, it is derived from the name of a Russian general, Malakoff, who, when travelling along the Riviera of the Lake Geneva Region, is said to have particularly appreciated this dish. For others, the recipe was brought back from the Crimean war by Swiss mercenaries who originated from the Lake Geneva Region. These mercenaries had contributed to the fall of Fort Malakoff which protected Sevastopol in 1855 against the enemy.

Bouchons Vaudois

Bouchons Vaudois

Who are the sweetest, crunchiest and most gourmet in the land of Vaud? Bouchons Vaudois, of course! Created by the Vaud Confectioners’ Society, Bouchon Vaudois is an emblematic cantonal specialty.




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